2011 EVP's and Audibles

Electronic voice phenomena (EVP) sounds are speech or speech-like sounds believed by EVP researchers to be of paranormal origin.  They are detected on electronic recording media and while the sounds are not present at the time of the recording they are detected upon playback.  They are typically brief, usually the length of a word or short phrase, and are sometimes direct responses to questions.  EVPs have been observed in diverse media, including but not limited to short-wave radio, ham radio, television, tape recorders, digital audio recorders, and video recorders.  They are typically recorded using digital audio recorders or audio recording computer software. What you are about to hear are EVPs that were caught during some of our investigations.  We have processed all of these EVPs so that you can better hear what we believe is an EVP.   No EVP has ever been faked by GUARD!

What you are about to hear are EVPs that were caught during some of our investigations.  We have processed all of these EVPs so that you can better hear what we believe is an EVP.   No EVP has ever been faked by GUARD!

Case 11G003

Monmouth Farm

You are about to hear an EVP caught on one of our digital recoder's the night of the case. This old farm house has been empty for some time and is disrepair. we were called in by the owner's who has claimed of activity. they are looking to build a new house on the same sight.


You will hear some of the investigator's in another room when a unknown males voice can be heard saying BACK OFF! off.wav


You will hear a voice that doesn't sound human say come here. 2011/Come  here good one.wav


 The voice sound like it is saying get out possibly? 2011/get out possibly.wav


This EVP sound like someone asking for HELP. 2011/help before cleaned.wav


You will hear a unknown voice say something but we were unable to clean it up any better. 2011/voice saying something.wav


This sounded like some gasping for air? 2011/gasp.wav


You will hear something breathing next to the recoder BUT there was no one in the room at time the recoding was made! 2011/breath.wav


This one is a good one, you will hear someone other then the team of investigators say "HI". 2011/HI.wav


You will hear a EVP saying "YES". 2011/YES.wav

EVP 10

You will hear a voice say "I'm OK" but no one heard it. 2011/I'm OK.wav

EVP 11

In this EVP sound track you will hear kid's talking and the sounds of a baby laughing in the back ground. There was no kid's or baby's this location! 2011/unknown kids voice's.wav

EVP 12

You will hear a voice say "WHO ARE YOU" non of the  investigators even responed to the voice due that they were in another room asking questions. 2011/Who are you.wav

EVP 13

We believe that this EVP might be something inprinted on the environment. The EVP said " FOUND HEAVEN". 2011/Found water.wav

EVP 14

in this EVP it sounded like the voice said "Its hot" it was hard to clean up any better. 2011/Voice its hot in here possibly.wav

EVP 15

You willl hear a voice say "Just say the word". At the time there were investigator's in the room asking question's. The voice that was caught was outside the range of a normal voice and wasn't heard. 2011/Just say the word.wav

EVP 16

This EVP is of a girl voice saying "I feel OK". 2011/I fell ok.wav

EVP 17

You will hear a voice say "We don't need you". This voice saying WE don't need you makes look like their is more then one! 2011/We don't need you.wav

EVP 18

You will hear a unknown females voice who wasn't one of the team! We were unable to make out she was say word for word. 2011/Unknown female voice.wav

EVP 19      This next three EVP's were caught on a investigator camera.

The sounded from the video at first sounded like static on the video but after cleaning up the sound you can hear what now in a voice mixed in the static. We believe that it is saying "What do you want"?  The first one you will hear is the unclean EVP the next will be the clean one.

(1) 2011/video sound what do you want uncleaned.wav

EVP 20

Listen  to the conversation and in the middle you will hear a voice say "BOOK". While I was going over the sound track I heard this word said twice but was not part of any conversation going on at the time it was recoded. This first one is sofe and was hard to hear at first its right in the middle of the sound track. 2011/video sound BOOKS.wav

EVP 21

 Listen  to the conversation and in the middle you will hear a voice say "BOOK" for the second time. sound BOOKS2.wav


The investigator's asked if they could knock on some thing and the answer NO came back. The sound track was bosted to better hear the No.

Case 11G005 - Monmouth Farm

GUARD returned to the Monmouth farm house once more after all we had caught last time we felt this was a great spot to go back again. We were not disappointed!


You will an investigator talking then you will hear a unknown voice say "O MY GOD" and after that another investigator say about going to another room.


Asked if they could knock on some thing and was answered "NO".

Buzzville, Illinois Case 11G005

We were called into this smalll home to see iif we could find any evidance of the paranormal.

EVP 1 

This first EVP will be of a unknwn voice saying "HELP".


This EVP you can hear a voice say "KILL---KILL" but known one heard it kill normal speed.mp3

This one we slowed the sound down to better hear it. kill slow speed.mp3


You will hear the EM pump in the back ground and a unknown voice say " GET UP or GET OUT?". There was no one in the house at this time. up.mp3


You will hear an investigator talking then a unknown whistle will follow but no one heard it.

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